Hello, my name is Richard Lamb, I am a hypnotherapist with a background in transpersonal psychology, NLP and life coaching.

I offer people a combined approach of hypnotherapy with transpersonal psychology and life coaching to work through a wide range modern of life’s challenges, such as anxiety, self-sabotaging habits, fears and the crises faced in life’s transitions. I am able to tailor this approach to meet your individual needs, to include a transpersonal perspective through Psychosynthesis, “a Psychology with Soul”. Psychosynthesis takes rich advantage of hypnotic techniques such as deep relaxation, visualisation, mental imagery and symbolic art to access, identify, work with and transform troubling unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

I believe that people have within themselves the solutions to the difficulties they experience, and the inner resources to call upon to deal with those difficulties; at the core of this vision when working with people is that of personal transformation, of adapting to the challenges life presents us all. I see my role as a guide in helping you explore, discover and access your deeper inner resources and highest potentials. The range of challenges I work with includes personal development (e.g. sports performance), self-confidence/self-image, stress management, phobias, pain management and trauma.

For this exploration and discovery to occur, I offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which you can express your worries and challenges, feelings and goals, that you may not be able to express elsewhere.

Above all, the work I do is both gentle and effective yet firm and grounded. It is not just about healing and mending, it is also about growing and moving on with increased confidence in developing a deeper understanding of your values, sense of personal meaning and living a purposeful and satisfying life.