I am Richard Lamb, a hypnotherapist in Nottingham in the East Midlands of England. I have been in practice for over 3 years and integrate hypnotherapy with transpersonal psychology and life coaching.

After a life-changing winter mountaineering fall in 2001, I decided to take action (the vital ingredient to any change work) to explore the principles and techniques for how to change the way I felt, communicated and acted. This involved my exploring NLP, hypnosis, transpersonal psychology and other integrative therapies, which is how I came to become a therapist and coach.

Over the years I have naturally oriented my life experiences and training to assisting people through challenging life transitions at key points in life, some of which have included assisting people with pain management, which I have direct experience of in the past, as a result of amputations sustained from the mountaineering fall.

My main interests lie in a range of directions. Therapeutically I enjoy the inclusion of transpersonal coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in a holistic approach to guiding others towards their ‘inner true north’. This inner compass, based on our sense of values and personal meaning, and trust in self can sometimes be disoriented by life’s circumstances and challenges, and so my work with people involves exploring and bringing to awareness an individual’s values, meaning and purpose that is uniquely theirs. As part this framework I value the insights of depth psychology, specifically Psychosynthesis, and the challenge of taking an integrative, holistic approach to working with crisis and trauma.

My time as a mountaineer re-created within me  a deep respect for and joy in Nature, and through this appreciation, overtime I became a student of  a number of the great wisdom traditions of the world. Beyond the consulting room I take especial delight in good cooking for close friends and family, a broad taste in literature and music, an active and frequent interest in yoga and mindfulness, and enjoying the moment I wake up each day, knowing life presents its gifts and lessons.

I am an active member of a number of Psychosynthesis organisations internationally (e.g. Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis), as well as being a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) in the UK.


Life is not linear. When you follow your own true north you create new opportunities, meet new people, new experiences, and create a different life.”

~ Ken Robinson